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< DIGGING FOR 19th CENTURY BOTTLES IN CLINTON March 25, 2014- 7p.m. at Clinton Township Library Ted Kinney of Kalamazoo, who with Sanjit Deswal, dug in some of the old privies in Clinton in 2013, will talk about their method of digging and the collecting of old bottles. Some of the bottles they found were donated to the Historical Society of Clinton. The public is invited. Guests are invited to bring an old bottle to show and be identified. p> 






This years Christmas home tour will be on Sat. Dec. 7th from 6:00-9:00pm. The tour starts at the Smith Kimball Community Center at 211 Tecumseh St. where tickets will be on sale for $6.00 until 8:00pm. The Historical Society have recently received back the model of the Union School House which has been on display at the Adrian Historical Society for many years. Members of the Historical Society have restored the model and it will be on display in the upstairs of the community center. The Union School house will be # 8 on the tour so check it out while your at the community center. The Solid Rock Church at 122 E.Church St. is # 2 on the tour and they will have a live Nativity  scene in front of the church. Be sure to go inside where there will be a member of the historical society to tell the history of this once oldest Methodist Church in Michigan which was built in 1831. The #4 on the tour will be Floral Fantasy at 101 Michigan Ave. which was built in 1895 and once housed a clothing store and several druggist. There will be a historical display of past advertisements from the different business. The #3 will be the home of Tim and Stacey Waters at 215 Brown St. a Bugaboo which was built by one of the earliest undertakers here in Clinton in 1920. Michael and Keri Houghton home at 402 Jackson St. a Greek Rivval which was built in 1860 will be # 5 on the tour. The home of Charley and Deb Mifsud at 642 N. Jackson St. will be # 6 on the tour  is a Italianate style home that was built in 1869. The final building on the tour will be the United Church of Christ at 300 Tecumseh Rd. which  was built in 1843. Shirley Fraley will be your hostess with the history of the building and will have a slide show of some of the construction from the past. The Historical Society look forward to seeing you and are in hopes you will enjoy this tour which we take a lot of pride in presenting for you.




Nov. 1, 2013


Historical Society of Clinton, MI

Program:  Henry (Ford) and Friends, You Are Known by the Company You Keep

Date & Time:  Nov. 26, 2013 at 7 pm

Place:  Clinton Township Public Library, 100 Brown St., Clinton, MI 49236

No charge & handicap access

Contact:  Sharon Scott   517-456-7198


Nov. 26- Tuesday at, Clinton Township Public Library- Steven C. Stanford of Howell, will present an hour long talk, which includes photographs, on:  Henry and Friends, You Are Known by the Company You Keep: By looking at Henry Ford’s relationship with others we come to better understand the man behind the Model T. This lecture looks at how Thomas Edison and a number of key Ford Motor Company employees and friends including Evangeline Dahlenger, and Harry Bennett impacted Mr. Ford’s life. Some Clinton area people will also be mentioned as a part of Mr. Ford’s friends.  This program is the Historical Society of Clinton’s celebration of the sesquicentennial of Henry Ford’s birth in 1863. The public is invited.


 Press Release: July 10, 2013

Invitation to Donate to the preservation of the Irish Hills Towers


The Historical Society of Clinton is behind the efforts of the Irish Hills

Historical Society’s to preserve the Irish Hills Towers.  Since the 1920s, for many travelers on US 12 in the Irish Hills, these towers have been the unforgettable image.  Our Society hopes that future travelers on US 12, will still find these towers standing tall.


The Historical Society Board voted to match up to $200 in donations

which are given through our Society by July 31, for the preservation of the Towers.

Anyone can donate by giving your cash or check to:

            (1)Mary Houghton, Society Treasurer at 125 W.Church St., 517-456-4074


            (2)The Clinton Woolen Mill II shop at 115 W. Michigan, Clinton

            (3) Also Containers will be in some stores downtown.


Make any check out to the Historical Society of Clinton and make a notation

for Irish Hills Towers. 

If you are mailing your donation please get it to us by July 31.

Donations are tax deductible.

Historical Society of Clinton

P.O. Box 647

Clinton, MI 49236

For more information about the Irish Hills Historical Society use this site & do a web search.







DATE:  MARCH 26, 2013 7pm




CONTACT:  Sharon Scott 517-456-7198

The video documentary “Irish Hills Towers Rising Again”, produced in 2012 for the Irish Hills Historical Society will be shown at 7p.m. at the Clinton Township Public Library on March 26, 2013. 

Work has begun on the foundation of one of the towers and the roof.  Fund raising for restoration of the towers is a major goal of the Irish Hills Historical Society.  These towers have been are a major icon on US 12 since 1924 and it would be great to see them restored in some measure.  Donna Boglarsky,  will introduce the video and take questions afterwards.  The public is welcome 

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