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On The Trail Of Clinton Township’s Native American History

PRESS RELEASE: On The Trail Of Clinton Township’s Native American History
Speaker: Kathlyn Snow
Sponsor: Historical Society of Clinton, MI
Date & Time: May 24, 2016- 7pm
Location: Clinton Township Public Library
Questions: Sharon Scott, 517-456-7198
May 24, 2016, Kathlyn Snow is presenting a brief history of Clinton’s Native American past, “On the Trail of Clinton Township’s Native American History.”  This story starts at the original tribes and ends with current memories. Follow her as she travels in search of information and seeks answers to questions such as; “What do you prefer to be called?”  Native American history asks simple questions with complex responses. Kathy Snow received a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in history and minor in creative writing in 2011 from Eastern Michigan University. While there she took many classes in Native American history and anthropology.  The program is at the Clinton Township Public Library at 7 pm and is sponsored by the Historical Society of Clinton. The public is invited.